Our wines

At Oud Conynsbergh we work in harmony with nature, which can be tasted in our wines.  We consciously keep our yields low and we do not work with herbicides or pesticides.  Combined with natural fermentation, our unique terroir of Boechout comes into its own in your glass.

Odoo + afbeelding en tekst

Discover our wines

All our wines are available by the bottle at our domain. Via our webshop, the wines can by purchased per 3 bottles or you can choose an assortment, assembled by us.


Interested in how  our wines ar made and how to combine them? Click here below on the name of the wine to download the technical data sheet.

Mousserende wijnen

Parel Chardonnay 2018 magnum (+ houten kistje) - €65

Rosé Parel 2020 - €27

Rosé Parel 2020 magnum (+ houten kistje) - €65

Rode wijnen

Pinot Noir 2020 - €30