Our partners

For our tasting room, we selected a number of local products that harmonize with our wine and the philosophy of the estate. In addition, you can also find us at high-quality restaurants and selected traders.

Local partnerships

In addition to our own wines, we also serve a number of selected local products in the wine-tasting room of the estate. We deliberately opted for local initiatives and together with them we selected products that go perfectly with our wines. 

Water/Lemonade - Ordal
The water of the Ordal spring in Ranst is filtered for years through the different sand layers, which gives it its unique taste and composition.

Beer - De Weynbrouwerij
When your name is 'Weyn', you make beer... Maarten Weyn from Hove makes a refreshing, easy to drink dark blond beer.
Odoo + afbeelding en tekst
Odoo + afbeelding en tekst

Beer - Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen

Brewery 3 Fonteinen is one of the last traditional lambic breweries and authentic Geuze distilleries. Deeply rooted in the Senne Valley and the Pajottenland is their history, cultural traditions and terroir.
 Ambachtelijk Desembrood & Cantucci -
Sourdough bread, baked by a young baker, with flour milled at the Boechout Mill.

 Coffee/Tea- Satemwa
Together with us, Wouter selected a number of tea blends, a coffee blend and iced tea, from the Satemwa plantation in Malawi.

Enjoy our wines

Want to taste our wines in combination with refined dishes? We work together with a number of high-quality restaurants, where the wines of Oud Conynsbergh come into their own even better.

Interested in serving our wines ? contact  us for an introductory meeting.


 Bart à Vin – Antwerpen

Bien Soigné - Antwerpen

Da Costa - Antwerpen

Dim Dining* - Antwerpen

Glou Glou - Antwerpen

Fiera – Antwerpen

Het Gebaar * - Antwerpen

Kommilfoo - Antwerpen

L'Amitié  - Antwerpen 

Le Pristine* - Antwerpen 

Les Années Folles - Antwerpen

Madonna@KMSKA - Antwerpen

Sapphire House - Antwerpen

Sir Anthony Van Dijck - Antwerpen

Teatro - Antwerpen 

Vis van A - Antwerpen 

Zilte *** - Antwerpen

Barabas - Boechout

De Schone van Boskoop - Boechout

Jacqueline - Boechout


François Food & Drinks   - Kontich 

Stable  - Edegem

La Belle* - Geel

U-ziel - Geel

Butcher’s Dining - Hove

De Moestuin - Schelle

Hert* - Turnhout

Frans & Yvonne - Waarloos


La Paix ** - Anderlecht

Da Mimmo* - Brussel

le Chalet de la Forêt ** - Ukkel


Fifty 50 - Gent

L'ys d'Or - Gent

Vrijmoed ** - Gent

't Grof Zout - Geraardsbergen

De Ceder  - Kruibeke

Maison D  - Ronse

Fleur de Lin*- Zele

Pur Boeuf – Zele

Vlaams Brabant

De Goeie Kost - Diest

Les Eleveurs - Halle

Velours-bar - Halle

De Bakermat* - Ninove


Goffin - Brugge

Hotel Olympia - Brugge

Caillou - Knokke

Côté Préféré - Jabbeke 

Flavie's Tafel  - Nieuwpoort

Hobo's  - Waregem


L'air du temps ** - Eghezée (Namen)

Chateau De Vignée - Rochefort

Next to our webshop and our shop at the mill, you can also find our wines at these selected traders.  


Anverres - Antwerpen

Belgian Wines - Antwerpen

Quali Drinks - Mechelen

Vlaams Brabant

Despert & Co - Leuven

Wijnen Le Compte - Aalst

Oeno Belgium  - Asse 


Santé Wines - Brugge